$MVIS just wanted to mention that anybody can still get in on mvis . The company will be bought out soon and 200 shares can even help you if that’s all you can buy . Whether mvis profits will pay off a credit card or pay that month of your mortgage or help you with other smaller expenses is just as amazing as buying a car . It’d not about Lamborghinis or whatnot it’s about investing in a company with whatever you can afford to getting financially rewarded and applying that money to your life in any big or small way . I’m not pumping this stock doesn’t need it I’m simply letting ppl know that this stock is for everybody . No matter the budget . This is a mvis family not a contest to have more shares then the next guy . Big or small the sale will help us all 💵💵 . Anyone here who thinks they are bigger then another cause they own more shares are simply lost ! Money is absolutely worthless until you give it worth . To me money is happiness for everyone equally ❤️🙏888
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