@JawCrackerJesus @Medic2525 so Dept of Homeland Security, CIA, Secret Service are allllll on this mass conspiracy to get rid of Trump? Really? DNC has won 24 cases against him in court thus far. Explain why Trump is saying fraud was committed yet his own attorneys in court are saying there is no fraud? I will tell you why it's because most people don't understand that he's a good salesman. Jesus look at his record everything is always somebody else's fault. His dumb ass wife was on Twitter today saying how in January Trump was working with moderna to develop a vaccine together yet 3 weeks later he claimed it was the Democrats using it against them. Why the fuck would you work on a vaccine if you thought it was just a Democrats? He continues to tweet things that are nothing but lie after lie after lie and they are proven lies at that as soon as he gets figured out on one lie he moves on to the next