$AMC — Wes Christian has had a lot of success going after the “Cheats of Wall Street”, but why is it different now? Because he has the attention of the whole world since the whole world is focused on “US” (AMC stock, Apes, the battle…etc). He can NOW LITIGATE and garner the attention of EVERYONE, without worry of even a good win being swept under the rug as in the past. After all these years of going after Wall Street, he finally has the catalyst to set it all on fire, “US”. He knows it, I know it, and I want you to understand what this means to the future of a fair system. It looks very bright, and I am sure Shitadel is literally shitting their pants right now. They know that a win for Wes Christian in this case, means that it WILL NOT be lost in the Fines section of FINRA, or the SEC. A win here will uncover crimes that will then be litigated by the DOJ as crimes against the citizens of the United States of America. This is beyond huge, and Wes Christian knows this.