$HODL.X New to crypto this year. Bought 7 shit coins that either crashed after presale or shortly after released. Being old school I just want to hold. Sold/traded them all for HODL. Ask yourself this one question. What does my crypto do for me every single day of the year? HODL has revolutionary tokenomics. Every 24 hours with a few clicks I get free BNB just for holding. Whether it’s down, up or sideways, still get to collect BNB. This is just the beginning. The dev is a genius with an amazing contract. The telegram is very active with a friendly community on the voice chat. I enjoy being a quiet lurker myself 🤣 Almost time to collect! What are you waiting for ? Yeah that collection is about $15 , when this is 10x the volumeI will collect $150 a day. Have a great rest of the week and just HODL!