$T AT&T New Strategy. YESTERDAY 01/13/2022 & TODAY.01/14/2022 (02) BUY BACK BIG TRANSACTIONS By AT&T….. 1)Date: 01/13/2022 Time: 13:34 Price:$27.03 Volume: 1.15M (PURCHASE SHARES). 2)Date: 01/14/2022 Time: 12:35 Price:$26.98 Volume: 1.96M (PURCHASE SHARES). Note: New ideas are featured every month by drawing from several event-driven strategies including merger arbitrage, insider trading, spin-offs, buybacks and SPACs. NOTE2: SEE PICTURE #1 & 2. Next Publication #2. NOTE3: I Think That is Strategy.AT&T . It’s going to be, systematically until (SPINOFF). Deal. From me point view…… SeeYou. Have Great Weekend!! Large. Monday Closed NYSE.
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