$ADMA My thoughts on ADMA: huge dilution, but I believe cash will be spent to create shareholders value. I look at it like this. For Plasma collection centers: ROI is pretty good since it costs $1.5M to have the plasma collection center up and running. Based on numerous transactions in the past 2-3 years those collection centers sell between $10-13M. So lets say you build 6 collection centers for $10M and it will create value of $60-78M. For Bocca plant expansion my estimated cost is $25-30M, so if you add 200K liters/year fractionation capacity it creates value approximately (200kx3.5x4) $336M when running at full capacity. So $40M from this offering they could create $400M shareholders value over the next 3-4 years. All this is based only on Bivigam numbers.
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