Tomorrow and Monday will most likely be Green Day’s as well. Fed Pump is too strong to fight it. But they are rapidly over expanding their limits. Effectiveness of the pump is quickly diminishing as cash insolvency deepens more and more. In Econ, when studying micro, you learn of the idea that it is a flow with cornerstones in the ecosystem. When something like consumer households starts becoming insolvent (ie they cannot keep up w their net payables) it starts to cause a larger ripple thru the entire ecosystem. One piece not functioning can cause them all not to function or break down bc they all depend on each other to have cash met in time ie the cash solvency problem. The problem now exists on the ripple outside of the Feds control and no matter what they won’t be able to reign it back in. $AAPL $MSFT $DIS $WMT $TGT
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