$AAPL Mernie says watch out, these apples look like they may POSSIBLY ready to fall off this tree soon. Up almost over 20% since last div., OVER 28% in 3 months, 13% in a month, over 10% since last earnings low. Remember smart wolves exit on the on the pop, while the piggies chase and get slaughtered for late price chasing. Mernie is warning the piggies it may be time to take your apples to the bank and watch like Mr Buffet likes to do. Mernie wil be shorting SMALL amount of meaningless shares at this price level...approx est hold time, 3 months. Now lets watch the $SPY and feds #CALLED_ENTRY_EXITS #CALLED_BEFORE_THE_MOVE #OVER_90_PERCENT_REALIZED_WIN_RATE
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