$SPY the run may go up a tad more, enjoy the SANTA RALLY, more downside that upside as the piggies are coming in for table scraps, the fall will be epic.... Trade deals or is it really expectations of 401ks IRA and pensions? CNBC give us something to run with. Smarts money lets eye data feed on the 401ks IRA pensions flow and the 1 year default risk distribution by the unfundamentally sound coming into next year. How long can the feds maintain this....Checkmate Mr Powell, you see it too...... OH me my...the poor sheep. #contraction #costpushinflation Happy 2020 I think not, but one this is for sure is Happy thanksgiving holidays, lets feast on our turkeys and most of all be safe my young wolves #preservecapital. #CALLED_BEFORE_THE_MOVE #CALLED_ENTRY_EXITS #90_PERCENT_REALIZED_WIN_RATE