$BLNK You people are so freakin screwed. On April 17, the company filed to dilute $20 million in stock at $1.72. That offer by Roth was never consummated and never closed. The dilutive price was $1.30. Along with that is another $100 million in a standing open prospectus to issue preferreds, rights, and warrants. They have no money. ALL gone. Just one problem. They could NOT get the offering shares bought at $1.72. Nobody wanted them. This is a staged run up by Roth (criminals) to show the price CAN appreciate from that $1.72 offer. It's quarter end. They can not show deficit. Absolutely, positively dilutive news in the AM. Management has already been caught once lying to investors. Their quarter end report showed 26.8 million shares outstanding. Their prospectus announcing the MASSIVE secondary 2 weeks later says 21 million outstanding. Your first clue is "Domiciled in Nevada." Complete scam
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