Let's be reminded that BOTH $GEVO and $BNGO broke out just like $ALJJ and $IFMK and then had big pull backs before BOTH ran to $15+. The BIG difference now is BNGO has revenue per share on 10 cents and GEVO has revenue per share of 39 cents. Compare that to ALJJ at 1.80 with revenue per share of $9.91 and IFMK with revenue of $3.86 per share. Making things even more laughable is ALJJ just posting record sales and raising guidance in a pandemic. As for IFMK, their Asian stores here in the US have seen ZERO decline during the pandemic. Sales are INCREASING with more people stuck at home. That's why they are both going lower because they BOTH would be fairly valued replacing BNGO and GEVO at $15+