$AVEO I know I'm a broken record on this but...don't forget ficlatuzumab. The SCCHN Phase 2 was fully enrolled in the 4Q 2020. This trial is evaluating the efficacy of both ficlatuzumab alone and ficlatzumab plus cetuximab for refractory, third line patients that have been first treated with a PD-1, and subsequently gone on to cetuximab treatment in the second line. Both arms (ficlatuzumab alone and ficlatuzumab) are fully enrolled. The goal of the trial was to increase the PFS of cetuximab refractory patients by 60%, from 2 months (current SOC) to 3.3 months. The trial design hypothesizes that in order for median PFS to be at least 3.3 months, at least 46% of patients would be progression free at 4 months. Right now we know, for a fact, that neither arm has been terminated under the futility rule. That means at least 13 of 33 of both arms (39.3%) were progression free at four months.
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