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    Charlie Waffels Joined Aug 03, 2012

    Active trader for 15 years, Licensed Financial Rep


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      Kenny Glick Official Account
      The truth is an illusion just like the stock market. It's not real unless you make it real. All you peasants and serfs looking for the holy grail will walk over a cliff to your death as you follow the sheep in front of you. Good luck.
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      Trader Stewie 18 years trading experience. Keep it simple. Price and volume is all you need. Everything else is just noise.
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      Cameron Forlong
      62% Water - I know a guy who knows a guy
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      Steven Spencer Official Account
      Prop trader and co-founder of SMB Capital and SMBU. Focus is intraday and swing. Specialize in top momentum stocks as well as those with fresh news catalysts. Broadcast live every trading day as part of SMB Trader90
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      Daya Baran
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      Cloud Chartist
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      Michael Parekh Official Account
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      Jim Cramer Official Account
      I am co-founder and chairman of TheStreet. I run the charitable trust portfolio, Action Alerts PLUS, and host CNBC's Mad Money television program.
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      vijay kumar
      I am a swing trader and long term investor.. Realized that "There are Losers, Big Losers and Day Traders". Objective: trading income should exceed regular salary.