$T @bearishrimjob @Michael07 @Since2019December No puts. I actually own stock. Just being realistic. Poor Mgmt = poor profits. It's really that simple. Well that, and a global pandemic. Setting the whole "divy" argument to the side and simply talking about AT&T growth. I own for the divy as many folks do. My statement calls out why AT&T doesn't trade as high as Verizon. Why do I think this will continue to drop? I'll tell you...
@NorthTXInvestor $T is one of the less volatile stocks, most people hold it for the dividend, so unless they lower that people aren't gonna dump this to all time lows randomly. makes 0 sense to suggest we will see 28 or lower at this point considering the initial shock of the pandemic is over and even if they did lockdown again(they wont) it won't affect at&t much anyway sorry, you bought bad puts
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@Michael07 @NorthTXInvestor well it can surely go to whatever level you are predicting. I was in this discussion to listen to your logic/opinion. I don't need to agree with that, but surely I can try to understand. Now regarding the anti-logic, unless there is a massive market sell off, I don't see it going to 27-28 level. Why? Its still better than many other companies. Each company has its own failure stories, so does $T . Now commenting on HboMax is too early imo. It can go either ways, we shall see. DirectTV was a brain fuck and it didn't happen just today (so whatever effect it had, its already priced in). In terms of strength, no one is better poised to handle the early iphone 5G expectations than their network. Core wireless business part is really doing well than others. So all the other businesses are moat for At&t. And once blockbuster movies start coming (and it will along with few mehs), I see net positive. Management isn't not doing a rockstar job but its not poor either.