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    Michele FX Joined Jan 20, 2013

    Three rules: 1. Good money management 2. Always follow the trend 3. Risk:Reward ratio more than 2. In this way probabilities are on your side, everything else is a mind game. Good luck (I trade 4H and daily chart)


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      Christopher Vecchio
      Christopher Vecchio is a currency analyst for DailyFX. With a background in political science and law, he focuses on the interrelationships between geopolitical events and macroeconomic trends.
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      shahzad dalal
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      Market Bullish & Bearish Divergence Signals
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      Scholar of the financial markets since 1994 and stocks, futures and options trader since 1997. News and charts analyst for "Wall Street Italia". Main job: CFO of an important Municipality
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      Quentin De Rodat
      Independent Trader: (Long Term Trader, Short Term Trader, Swing Trader ) Passionate about history, politics, economics, amateur numismatist #GOLD #SILVER #FOREX #BusinessAllDay
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      Patrick Karim
      Using technical analysis (I'm mainly a classical chart trader) to enter positions which respect sound risk and money management protocols. Swing and position trading. Forex, commodities, stocks & indexes.
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      DailyFX EDU
      Are you ready to trade the world’s largest market? Gain confidence as we show you how to use Moving Averages, Stochastics, RSI & MACD.
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      Patrick Barks
      Back into the fx market after a little break. Let's get going again!
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      Alibey Tuncer
      I am a student of mathematics.I trade all futures and commodities.My theme is very simple;GLOBAL ANALYSIS,GLOBAL INVESTING.So I have to keep track of the whole world...
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      StockTwits FX
      Official FOREX Blog of
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      long term athlete & financial professional 19+ yrs; stocks, options, commodities, futures & fx/disclaimer:all comments made by me are my opinion only & not investment advice.
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      Adrian Raymond
      Adrian Raymond is a currency analyst for With an academic background in economics and financial markets, Adrian focuses on major macroeconomic trends in developing trading strategies and uses technical analysis for executing them.
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      Rudy Candido
      Discretionary futures, FX and equities trader. My approach is based primarily on classical charting principles and analysis of the Commitments of Traders
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      John Kicklighter Official Account
      Chief Strategist for,
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      Jamie Saettele
      Jamie Saettele, CMT has been an active trader since 2005, is co-founder of SB Trade Desk, Senior Technical Strategist for DailyFX in New York and author of Sentiment in the Forex Market.
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      David Rodriguez
      David Rodriguez is a Quantitative Strategist for specializing in statistical studies on currencies.