$JCP The bashers really get me going man. Who would live such a negative life? My investment strategy may not be yours or anyone elses strategy. You can look at charts all you want JCP is a different animal altogether. The numbers are getting better. Personnel at JCP is extremely competent and capable in all areas. Do you feel JCP would have gotten such talent to go down the crapper ? Big things are in the works as we speak. All the " analysts " on these message boards know as much as the next guy on here with very little investing skills. Are the analysts so bored they need to chime in all the time ? Honestly I am up almost %20 on JCP and I see it going way higher we havent seen the tip of the iceberg on this one. I wont be scared out of my position by chatter and noise. I am by nature a positive person, possibly why I am where I am in life presently. I like positivity , I find solutions , in my life there are no problems . Im just ranting over some clowns snipping at me !!!
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