$JCP signed with debt restructuring company 6-7 months ago at this point. JCP owns like 400 locations so I’m sure getting current appraisal value is part of the equation. 400 appraisals take time. Turnarounds take time. Enterprise value of JCP is like 5.6 B. Market cap 350m? Crazy to me. Gonna hit 12B revenue for 2019. Not exactly chump change. Actually that’s more than the domestic box office number for 2019 of the movie house industries to put it in perspective. Still a very viable company. Many people here who have been steady eddy for months now freaking out. JCP has major value as is just in real estate. Put that with a turnaround OMG the stock price could skyrocket. I’m not unrealistic trust me. I own 75k shares @ 1.30 average. Yes I’m down. If it was that easy everyone would invest money and be rich. Earnings are coming make your decisions about the company after we hear all the comments. Who knows they could announce a new major partnership for all we know GLTA
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