$NIO Honestly, not a big fan of charts (especially in a volatile stock like this) however one can’t not take into consideration this stock’s trend in the past months. Said this multiple times before, starting from October 2019, Nio had been paving it’s way upwards. Slow but STEADY increments led the stock to reach the $5.60s mark in January, then the coronavirus outbreak took over the markets. Ofc this was a hiccup, but surely it never meant to be a smooth road. If anyone here thinks this will always stay trending up doesn’t know how the stock market works. However, only people with short term vision will criticise such company on the current situation. Clearly Nio is preparing to unleash it’s potential in the coming months. Reaching and exceeding that IPO price, coupled with good sales and numbers in the coming months, will see this stock rallying up to $10 minimum. Long and strong 💪 💪
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