$HYSR IMO Milestones and news to look for 1) MSC Co. Korea: Electroplating process Added to timeline a. Electroplating is not new, assume they just need to find the cheapest and effective process b. MSC off timeline early 2022, assuming have an initial target 2) University of Michigan: Catalysts’ efficiency. Added to timeline a. Timeline shows UoM out of picture early 2022 assuming for initial efficiency target and continued effort for improvements to stay competitive with a one year contract 3) Schmid Update: Free extension through end of the year then a revisit a. Assume they cannot finalize a manufacturing process without conclusion from MSC Co and an acceptable efficiency from UoM b. Would expect UoM to take longer but can they get an acceptable efficiency for a process by end of year? c. Timeline gets Schmid out of the picture in early 2022 Appears to me the most challenging part, Nanoparticle development process is targeted for completion very early in 2022, not bad