$LUNA.X after 6pm in Seoul. Radio silence. Truly pathetic. Scared for those who were/are fully exposed. Pissed that I fomo’d as much into this as I did. Somewhat grateful for being partially diversified but I won’t lie it’s not my primary emotion at this point. Not sure how anyone bullish on crypto or Bitcoin overall can be cheering this. Crypto’s potential use as a medium of exchange took a big hit today. I’m not sure how we bridge from a dollar-based economy to a $BTC.X economy if we can’t prove a use case for backing dollars with BTC. And without BTC or a scarce asset backing our currencies I don’t know how humanity will reign in its extreme overconsumption of the Earth’s limited resources. I watch the fires burn across my state every year now. Incentives drive everything we do and we are slowly destroying ourselves. One generation of hedge fund managers and government officials could potentially destroy our species. BTC Maxi or not this is a sad day for crypto investors everywhere.