$XELA BEAR ALERT ⛔⛔⛔ @Kyonary and @SCALPINGSTOCKS4RICHES have no clue how greedy burns OUT your wallet. If you listen to this greedy shorters u deserve to lose money. Exela will rise to the sky. But you guys are still having hope. The manipulators want no hope before it rise. So be patience.....
$XELA Listen closely everybody! You need to have Diamond hands. Don't listen on the negative short bears. Something big is happening and I can smell it with all this manipulation. They want you OUT to get you frustrated. The big reward is close. Just hold OUT. I hope this will stay in this range by friday so i can load up 12k more shares. BEAR ALERT ⛔ DONT LISTEN TO @SCALPINGSTOCKS4RICHES SHE/HE IS GREEDY ON PROFIT AND HAS BEEN SHORTED IT SINCE 2$ + IF YOU TAKE A LOOK IN HISTORY SHE/HE IS WRONG. DONT LISTEN TO THIS GREEDY SHORT SELLER. $XELA WILL BOUNCE VERY VERY SOON
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