$AITX we need to be able to allow people to express good things and frustration. I am long and think the transparency of the CEO is good and bad. I think he gets excited and at times will share what he wants to do which can set expectations. The 10-K is perfect example he stated on pod casts that he would like to get it out at the end of April now it will be closer to the end of May which he has every right but I learned a long time ago “under promise” and “over deliver”. Some may say what does it matter and to that I say some people are short term investors which Steve says all the times we need all investor types so those people may buy on the certain statements made. I think Steve is not trying to deceive anyone ever but I think he likes to lift the spirits with his enthusiasm of things to come. His tweet about a PO this week which may come and may not is another example. I’m sure at some point this week someone will ask where that PO he mentioned. Just my two cents.