$CVM Let's throw Keytruda out due to the timing of FDA approval having little / no impact on trial participants. What about Opdivo and Yervoy? The corporate presentation found at cel-sci.com/wp-content/uplo... has several references to these 2 drugs. Who's to say that the patients in the SOC arm didn't take these drugs, EVEN IF IT WAS OFF LABEL USE, and gain some survival benefit from them thereby affecting the survival curve of the study? Doesn't SOME acknowledgement need to be given to these drugs? Maybe they are already accounted for in updated SEER rates but the latest update from CVM that I heard was SEER rates being available through 2017. That leaves a bit of a hole in the calendar for predicting this study outcome. Please, looking for responses to have an adult discussion here... not looking for rumor/conjecture/argument. Thanks!