$ZOM Why ZOM stock will continue to rise in the weeks and months ahead (probability analysis): Many still look at the tree in front of them (short term Volatility) and do not focus out and see the forest (longer term Trend). You have to be able to stomach the dips to be rewarded for the bigger gains. Positives: 1. Truforma is a disruptive technology product because use at point of care is a competitive advantage for Vets 2. Truforma will begin to bring in revenues for the first time …that a light company needs sooner or later (sooner the better…March launch) 3. Lot's more cash ($173.5) on hand after offering of common shares 4. The diagnostics segment of the global companion animal market is expected to reach $2.8 billion (Kirin Smith, COO) 5. More funds getting in and less going out…Vanguard increased position by approx. 79% 6. Approx. 70%+ of Insider own approx.. 14% of the float