$DPLS 3 patents assigned to Darkpulse have A.Brown name on them; he is a board member currently on team. Not all Fiber Optic Sensing is created equal. There are point sensors vs distributed Fiber Optic Sensors. Point sensors are like EKG pads, and limited to that area…quick example , X will capture certain data, O will capture other specified data, and each is localized. X X X X X O O O O O DFOS fibers can capture along the length of fiber and use light scattering, pulses, radiation for data/measurements. Not all scattering is the same, there’s Rayleigh, Raman, and Brillouin. Each focuses on different measurements. Acoustics vs temperature, strain, pressure and corrosion. The resolution and accuracy is of most importance. Darkpulse BOTDA tech Can measure temp, stain, pressure, corrosion, soil density and movement as well as detect vibrations, seismic activity. Darkpulse can integrate w/other technologies to enhance capabilities. Like Ai, it helps it see beyond.