$AMC $APE Must be a rain delay. That's the only reason the rockets couldn't launch, right? You dorks wonder why all these bears are here? It's because you guys start posting rockets, lambos, and "it's happening" when this goes up a few cents. It's easy pickings to mess with apes when you do that nonsense. Months ago I use to dislike @_diagio and tell him he was a shitty version of @stirly until I finally came to my senses. Go back months into my post history and see how positive/gullible i was, listening to the pumping and BS from apes. I post truths from what's happening and whats occurred and I've NEVER told anyone to sell. I use to tell people to buy.
@MGSteezus maybe if you go back further, you'll notice a difference. That's another thing about you stupid apes. You want proof, people provide it, and it's still not good enough. You guys change the narrative. I've been told I work for Kenny, provide proof of me at work, with another phone showing the date and time, plus a hand written note, and yet, "you work for Kenny" continues. Meanwhile you guys are talking about synthetics and other nonsense but can't provide any proof.