$SNDL @CommanderKock for me too a long Play my friend but you and me❗WE sndl believers did one havy mistake! it's and up and Down volatil stocks. Not just sndl the whole canadian pot stocks! if we did Swing trades we would making tons of money. just sell at wayyy overbought Levels like 3.5 and buy Back much peeper again. it's Smart trading and Investing but just hoodling is wrong. you and me lost tons of Profits cause not playing the highs and the dips. since 3.5 i've Investing my time in Charts Analyse and thats why good Traiders with huge Accounts get rich in just two year's. we have to learn from them. i will Post today a Strategie for the Future how to Play Stocks like sndl and tilray ect. i fully bullish on sndl but lost making over 800.000$ in just 3 Monats cause bagholding. i've turned my view of Investing and Traiding but still will longtherm holding and Swinging big positions in pot stocks & other Plays Plays like amc & tilray. i'm with you 160k shares loaded for WINBIG