$RESN I'd encourage all of you to watch this presentation by Aruba Networks about their new WiFi access point that covers WiFi 6E. youtube.com/watch?v=rX2XRZV... Two reasons for this: 1) Starting at 25:20, they give a great overview of the issues involved with interference between 5 and 6GHz WiFi channels and how new filters can negate these effects. They go on(about 32 minutes in) and demo both cases, with and without filtering. Very informative. 2) RESN shareholders will realize that there is competition, that the competition has filters out there that are going into commercial products, and that RESN needs to get their sh!t together if they plan to compete. Nobody is standing still waiting for them. They do not have the ONLY solution as they repeat ad nauseum. In this case, AKTS has provided a solution to Aruba.