$CAPR we’ll, this is the last week before we get a government change and with that a shake up at the DoD. CAPR is also not at the HCW Bioconnect conference it appears. Could this be the week we finally get some news? 1) DoD/USAIR additional funding or contract for cap-1003? 2) exosome platform Preclinical data release and rollout? 3) partner for cap-1002 covid? 4) partner for cap-1002 DMD? 5) final guidance for accelerated approval from fda regarding cap-1002 Hope trial? 6) vlp covid vaccine data? (This is not very important anymore in my opinion) 7) mRNA covid vaccine clinical trial plan (this is not very important anymore in my opinion)? 8) funding from BARDA or OWS or a partner for covid vaccine trials (very unlikely at this point)? I’m hoping for any of 1-5. Especially 1, 3, 4 and specifically 5 (the biggest news event we’ve been waiting for). Let’s hope Linda is ready to announce something/anything.
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