$SPY HELP!!! I got caught in a mess after I bought my Apple 265 calls yesterday. They expire on Friday. Hoping someone that is much wiser them me, can give me some needed advice. I paid 2.20 for 40 of the 265 Apple calls yesterday morning and after the Apple crash at the bell yesterday my options are worth half of what I paid now if that, depending on what Apple opens at today. Would anyone here be so kind to help a novice option trader with some sound advice on what I should do at this point? Hold through exp? Roll and pay a debt to extend past the holidays? Sell at the market open and put the capital (what’s left of it) in a better option play to try and recoup the 5k loss. I follow a lot of you guys you on here and respect the skills and Knowledge of a lot of you on these boards. Anyways, what do you all think I should do at this point? Sincerely, thank you! Again, please don’t beat me up, I already learned I should have made a different decision.
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