$SLS For the love o' god people, it is just math. Take the number of shares you own and divide it by 50. That's how many shares you will have after r/s. Buy a few more to round it to a number divisible by 50. If you want to know what your cost basis in the new stock is, or the SP you need to get past before you are in the green, multiply your cost average share price by 50. Thus, if I own 10,000 shares pre R/S I divide 10,000/50 = 200 new shares. Hypothetically, if my cost average to buy those shares, pre R/S was say, .15, then .15 x50 = $7.50. The SP must go higher than that number for me to be profitable. Obviously your numbers may vary. Don't they teach math in school anymore? Dexter did this calculation, you can, too.
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