$IDEX All these bears today, lol. Here is a super simple, non-sophisticated graph right from StockTwits. 3 months. It was at $0.40, now $1.20. Peaked near $4.00 on a pump. If this was truly a pump & dump (or a "fake company"), it absolutely would not level off at 3x its initial price. Be my guest shorting this, but you missed your "peak" opportunity to do that 4 weeks ago.
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@Mmj614 Mmk. Here is an *actual* 10-year chart. Did you actually think IDEX was a $350 stock ten years ago!?!? Uhhh.... wow. This is clearly a Google glitch. Good grief, we are done here. Clearly you know nothing about the company. Do as you please, and I'll do the same.