$DIS Revenue for the fiscal second quarter was $19.3 billion, a 23 percent year over year increase. That includes a $1 billion reduction from the early termination of some licensing agreements, according to CNBC. Disney added added 7.9 million subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service, which was 52% above what analysts had projected. This was a relief to investors who have been waiting with bated breath for Disney’s updated streaming numbers, after receiving an unpleasant shock after Netflix recently announced it had lost 200,000 subscribers. Most notably to some, Disney’s Parks, Experience, and Products division generated a total revenue of $6.7 billion—more than double compared to the same period this year. Domestic theme park revenue, at $4.9 billion, almost matched pre-pandemic peaks. apple.news/AJfrw0X8WQOusuSK...
@reisenhower what problem? Pandemic lockdown and war will eventually end. Problem with DeSantis? DIS business is bigger than Florida. In fact Florida is Disney's state. They have more money and power than any single politician. Disney has worked with 11 governors so far and DeSantis will not be the last one 🤑🧚🏻🧞‍♂️🐭🧚🏻