$XSPA it’s actually hilarious how many people don’t want to see this stock succeed... I get you can make money from being a bear but, you don’t only have to play one side... aside from that the upside potential here is much f..king larger than the downside... hypothetically this could go to $100 a share in upward momentum right? Not saying it will but it could (+99.13/share) What is your best case scenario when being bearish on a penny stock, this stock. Best case scenario your able to short it into the ground (+.87/share) Now if you ask yourself what are the odds of this stock hitting $100/share to me they are just as good as this stock going to .10/share at this point, let alone zero. Point is, the upside is tremendous, with so much room for the company to continually grow. How could you possibly be bearish?
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