$ICOA Reading this board makes you realize how truly stupid people out there are. So, what is basically a clerical error is making bears drool and some traders doing things against their best interests. So, OTC gives out dates that sometimes fall on the weekend for being current(given the 45 day requirement). Because today was the last BUSINESS day prior to the 15th, and OTC Markets are not open on Sunday to process anything, several companies probably assumed Monday would be fine. I mean, sure, having the paperwork ready today would be great, but then again -what's the point of a weekend due date? It would be like your professor failing you on Friday for a paper due on Sunday...because you didn't have it in early. And they have no weekend office hours. Whichever side you are on, they turn in the paperwork Monday as planned and back to current. Seems like we have a good argument for ethics class.