@ModernDayPirate @RyGuy79 haha totally feel ya, OGENs summer spike allowed me to pick up the Nikon Z6 filmmakers kit and has been so fun! I had been out of photography for over a decade busy building and crashing sport bikes but very much enjoying getting back behind a viewfinder.
@calmbombs @RyGuy79 @ModernDayPirate WOW! That's a really nice setup. I was gifted a cannon awhile back after my accident. Due to my camera being in my car that was on fire. Lost all my gear! Made some good memories with that camera. The buttons were all faded due to being used constantly. I shot this photo of a bald eagle with a manual lens. Right before I took this photo my buffer was slowing way down. I stopped taking photos knowing something was going to happen. Then it lifted off and I was able to get this photo. The second one was garbage and lost all composition. It's just a screenshot so forgive the quality.
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