$UPST just crash this to 10 or maybe 5 and get it over with so everyone can load the boat without having to worry so much about the wild price swings.
@MollyWantsACracker thanks for letting me know your thoughts on nwbo. I’ve been caught off guard with the huge down swing the past 3 days. I didn’t expect the market to go down this much so fast without a meaningful bounce. So when I see nwbo doing so well in a sea of red I am very tempted to buy heavier into nwbo to compensate for some of my other losses. However, it’s gone up so much and I fear hedgies might be setting a pump and dump trap for retail like they have with nwbo many times in the past year. So yeah it’s a tough decision to make especially with the market on such a shaky footing. I’ll probably just keep around 1000 shares to see what happens but I won’t buy a significant amount at these prices in case it’s a bull trap.
@Ksun09778 Yeah, 500 - to 1K shares is probably the right number for me. My emotions got the best of me... a friend of mine passed away after being diagnosed with GBM, leaving his young family behind.