$IDEX First we have to hold 5$, then next leg up will be the 9-11 range and then after that the march to 30. I don't think 30 will hold but I think once we get a run up, the day trading momentum will push it to 30 and then we will have a floor of around 15-22$. I got in $PLUG and $WKHS when they were in the 2.50$ range and I see the same things happening here as I did there. Of course all of these stocks have had different catalysts but trading psychology alone tells you that once enough people understand what this company is about (they need a really good PR that's very easy for people to understand and ties all EV facets of their company together) this thing is gonna explode. The only explanations I have for the lull at the moment is the HUGE run up last summer that left people nervous from the big fall that followed and the not so cut and dry PRs that new and novice have trouble understanding. I gotta tell ya : WAVE charging alone, without anything else, is pure and utter gold.
@Momentum_Researcher I hope you are right! However, I think $30 is unrealistic
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