$BBIG I am long the put for 6/18, 50C, 3.50. Seems a very safe play given that this closed yesterday at 3.30. Just need to have this pullback below 4.00 next week to be ITM on extrinsic value. I don't know how many times I've seen Bulls posting how a stock is going to the moon, short squeeze coming, etc. That was the talk on Wednesday for BBBY when the stock was over 40.00 (it would be at 55.00 by today, the bulls declared). I bought a ton of 34.00 puts, dirt cheap, expiry today. BBBY is now at around 31.00. I cashed out yesterday afternoon for about 12K. I see $BBIG panning out the same way. I have two weeks to see this one tank also, but it will probably happen next week.