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    Josh Sheets Joined Apr 07, 2012


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      Khloe Kallahan
      Born in Lexington, Kentucky. Attended Kentucky State University. Go Thorobreds! Currently live in Chicago, IL. Traveled to Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland.
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      Bobby Axelrod
      Hedge fund titan at Axe Capital. Metallica-loving, sneakers-and-leather jacket type. Dont believe everything I say, I have stealthy moves, competitors. If my posts have been helpful to you, please consider buying me a coffee at the link below­čśŐ Thanks
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      Twitter: @chartguys Official Account
      Technical Analysis Education & Community. Live Market Video Coverage, learn how to read charts & patterns with hundreds of like minded traders.
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      Oh Yeah
      Day trading options/margin
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      Breakout expert with stock options for 100% to 200% gains in 1 to 3 days is my main focus. The key is confirmation $STUDY my Video`s and Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel called PowerTarget Trades to learn more.
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      Swing Trade Warrior Official Account
      Pro trader & educator for a large Wall Street trading chat room. Become an educated, self sufficient master of risk. Real time education, alerts & results.
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      Larry Footer
      Internet entrepreneur, manager of family office, full-time options / futures trader, lifelong student of international affairs, dedicated husband and father
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      Trade Academy
      Options Trader. Educator. Focus On Trade Construction. Trade Academy's Goal Is To Teach Others How To Trade Smarter. Posts are for educational purposes only. Twitter: @TradeAcademyCo
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      The Options Pros
      Trading Professionals Who Specialize in Live Technical and Swing Trading Alerts Inquires: | | Twitter: OptionsPros
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      Full-time daytrader w/ IRS trader tax status. Ultra short term momentum/technical scalps using charts. Rarely hold overnight. I don't care what a company says or does, the tape controls all. I will never recommend any trades. Moves posted R 4 my acct
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      Learnstocks Community
      Love to trade both stocks and options. Love to teach. best of both worlds.
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      S.C. Corum
      Entrepreneur / Investor / Trader. Here for growth. 21 years old. Undergrad @ Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.
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      Jamie Youngs
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      Long term investor
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      Earnings Whispers Official Account
      Short-term equity trading around earnings based on professional buy and sell-side expectations combined with quantitative studies and technical analysis - on both a top-down and bottom-up basis.
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      ChartMill, the number 1 technical stock screener incl. VWAP, Relative strength and a lot more! Additional tools are added on a regular basis. Made by real traders, used by real traders!
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      Please do your research it makes your wiser and .STUDY world issues.dont trade feelings TRADE FACTS!
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      Doug Rumer
      Professional Trader for 17 years and Moderator of Live Trade Room