$BABA hey what I’m about to say is 100% facts: USA literally wants to sabotage China because China is becoming the new economic power house in the world. This price is an effect of this actual war happening rn. America only has power because of its military presence and the lies to justify their presence and control of oil to support us dollar. America is always lying to Americans about what other countries are doing so that they can work toward their real goal of controlling resources and people with military force. America’s foothold on power is slipping with the growth of China. America is even lying to us about Muslim terrorists in the Congo so that they can control their oil!!! Why would Afghans go all the way to Congo and skip all those countries?? It’s an american lie!! The rebels in congo have nothing to do with muslim and makes no sense for muslim terrors to be there …. It’s an American lie to control oil (with terrorism!!!) America is the home of the Slaves …. And Im American
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