$SPY $GLD $SI Selling metals is how I learned to think in terms of expected ranges without ever looking at a chart. Tons of guys here in Latin America can tell you an expected range just by price ranges and they didn't even go to middle school. After a while you even get a feel for the manipulation. Looking at a chart used to be something extra to negotiate better prices and I think that's how a lot of us need to remember to view markets. Fear, greed, supply, demand, trends, ranges, price driving, etc.
@MonkeyDDDDD but you said 'I think originally it is for UTC midnight but I adjust the range to 4-5am eastern" which implies that the tick tick boom strategy didn't change and you made a personal adjustment. Anyway, this is just a big mess now. Oh well. I appreciate your time though.
@Billy_Brown Yes I did said that - I have been using the 4-5am for quite some time now and draw the ranges myself, so, going back to the strat I linked to and reading the description I got mixed up on the time. Eastern is UTC-4 so in the strat I offset by +4 to give me 4-5am range. This is the default setup according to the strategy, and the one I use