@Monkeys_Aces88 @bigberry17 well I don’t really have any emotions as you suggested ace Ventura and the guy had no real reason to wake up and post that crap it was just as your posts were irrelevant. I do enjoy returning the favour of talking crap however and I’m clever enough and old enough to know why rocket isn’t getting any love. As outlined in my previous comment. Biden is going to also tax you so hard you won’t be able to live in a house just a trailer like people do in those movies
@Haydnjoshua1 @bigberry17 I didn’t even read what you just posted and I refuse to your ideas are proving to be worthless no offense. Look I think we’ll get a bounce here if the market cooperates. Looking like someone big is possibly loading shares long and this possible large oi on this deep itm put plays looks like a great positive hedge. It wasn’t purchased but we’ll see. We’re on the 200 day hopefully we bounce here! Short term pt 19 we’ll see how it holds pretty immense selling pressure but pressure can change really quickly. Do you know the short volume/short float?