$BAS Stupid cheap here Load all you can here at .20unbelievable the 4.8 million market cap with 850 plus mill revenues, 58 Million in cash, cash flow positive last quarter , 860 mill in NOL tax savings to a larger more profitable competitor like $HAL $SLB $RES $NBL That’s 180 million net tax savings on going Corp tax rate, a water midstream business worth 325-375 million as verified recently by a 3rd party. Only 300 million in debt with nothing due til 2023. Add in recent asset sales of unprofitable pressure pumping business expected to bring in 35-50 million goes right to the bottom line CASH. Sorry but this just doesn’t add up besides it trading on otc and being less liquid there is no other reason why this should not be trading well over $2.00 a share. Activist investor trying to take a controlling stake
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