$XELA This is how most Xela traders feel right now 🤣 but only the strong survive! I’ve been in trades where my daily swings were 1000’s of percentage points up 2,000 % down 4,000 % so these 7% to 25% swings don’t really bother me much anymore. Once you get past the short term viewpoint and focus on what’s to come it gets much easier to ride out the storms. Obviously we don’t have crystal balls to know the future, but when you look at an undervalued company like Xela with a great opportunity for a turn around how do you not roll the dice? Until I see otherwise I’m confident in parking my money here. If we continue the path with we’re on I believe we can 10x-50x in 6 mths to 2 years. Lot of variables to consider, market, economy, management, politics, etc. But, with the information we have at hand right now I like my odds. Anything changes I will adapt.