$ACB I search and find insights (always) and absorb stuff like the following. Peltz rarely works as an advisor, but the upside of his ACB deal was too good. His background, in re strategy and kick-in-the pants, include he "work(s) with management to improve operational performance and drive earnings growth." Younger Peltz: From 1972 to 2005, he transformed several businesses and exited with huge profits. The successful exits include a business exiting after 70x growth over 15 years, and; with Triangle Industries he turned a small unprofitable business into a $4B packaging company. He's old now, sure, but wise and Trian staff (his people) employ his approach and guidance. Trian has probably spent thousands of hours on acb plans / strategy / execution in the past year. Cam out, Terry to the side, Mondelez folk in, RS, reliva, (multi-million moves don't happen overnight). What's next, then after that, moving ball down the field. I wouldn't bet against Peltz.
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