@Araveras @MoveslikeJagx @OutOfExile Good evening gentlemen😄 Greetings and salutations to you all. Considering the last 3 months today ROCKED! 👍 Far from being disheartened or disappointed but believe more could’ve , should’ve come out of the filing and that’s the part I don’t get. What is holding us down are we being shorted to oblivion ? What’s your take ? Apart from a few sensible posts the rest have been plain silly posts. Happy Easter to all! Stay safe ! M
@DottoreMK @Araveras @MoveslikeJagx @OutOfExile happy easter to you as well! I agree completely. Heck I honestly didn't expect quite this good of a reaction from the ER last night either. Very very positive. As a company in the bio space and with how many on staff they have to work through PR releases I've been fine with the bleed past while. Looks like we've broken the trend and the bleed is over here. Positive charts and positive PR coming next week. 9:30AM to close almost 1m shares on the ask till 2.50. Moved around as well a lot and especially saw some big walls move in when it started going bullish. short definitely out in stride but they can't keep down value for long. See you next week!
@Arveras @DottoreMK @Araveras @OutOfExile I'll be lying if I don't admit to be disappointed. ER was stellar. But the MMs know what investors want to hear. If it falls short to it, they will manipulate and make it a non event. For some sleuthing for timeline. I wanted to see if OutofExile and Araveras your opinions this image below. Lisa said the Corp submitted the documents for the CMA to EMA. Here's the image for the EMA on timelines. The investors meeting is May 13th EMA timetable for possible approval for anything submitted for March 29 deadline is May 20. Can anyone connect the dots?🙂 Looks all connected right? See image of the annual meeting letter
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