$CBDD Annual revenue will be approaching 1/2 of their market cap 🤔 (while being cash flow positive). Shares outstanding is unattractive but still a great value here. Bright future ahead, still holding. 💰
@Oomptz A little history lesson. Swiss Industry Ventures took over last year and inherited 4B authorized shares. They then added 2B more shares to that count. Why? Because they did not want to take on debt and have that drag them down. What did they do with a portion of those 2B shares? They have just under 700M still not issued. The rest was put to good use. They settled debt racked up by previous management and then paid for Rockflowr Exchange and Rockflowr Production with actual shares valued at $1M at the time. Rockflowr, as a subsidiary and major brand, is the heart and soul of CBDD as they now bring in upwards of $7.5M USD per quarter. No other division even does a tenth of that. Damn good investment on their part in my opinion because that is what got them where they are now. And now they are taking over clients from one of the largest Swiss CBD flower producers. Details are clearly outlined in the recently disclosed Annual Report (see below).