$CDEV it’s crazy how hard oil is rallying behind the scenes while the media is talking all this bs about it possibly going negative again. Problem is most people are listening to the news to figure out where to invest. By the time the oil rally is hot this will already have crossed $3 imo and long gone is your chance to get a low avg and make real cash. Hitting relative highs on a daily basis without pause. this is actually happening much more rapidly than I was expecting, but the hype is delayed. Everyone will go in oil stocks big time when it’s too late. That’s why I’m calling a possible surge to $5-10 before falling back down and naturally growing. If your complaining about an avg under $2, it really is ridiculous in the long term that your complaining— even at $2 you’ll make double to triple what you put in. It’s funny watching the emotional traders lose. Simply put I understand why not everyone makes 5-7 figure now, I thought everyone could do it when it’s so easy, I guess not.
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@Smiwil2002 and there was more institutional buying at cdev in the last month then the past almost year and a half! While chap had more selling. Big difference in investor confidence by tutes and insiders.
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