@mrinvestorpro @MrDayTraitor @Lionmaster I am looking to learn more about reading graphs/patterns, how to file income from trading, etc. I should point out that I am new to trading so this world is new to me. With that said, what resources do you guys recommend for a newbie trying to learn more about the market? Any advice is greatly appreciated! My goal is to turn a 10k investment in to 25k by the end of the year (with 35k stretch goal). #2020ismyyear $ALT $CDEV
@goodforall @jmrojas17 @Lionmaster if I’m coming off as too intense— now you know why 99% of people here and in life are failures. They don’t have the right mindset to begin with— so how can they even get anywhere? It’s like they’re swimming aimlessly in an ocean, they have no direction. Back to Elon Musk— watch this interview https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CyGqMZQAMio— it’ll show you what makes him great. Is it him having attended elite university? No. Is it him being rich and privileged? No. You wanna know what it is? It’s the fkng passion in his eyes, pay attention to the last part when the interviewer basically tells him after all of your failure and your hero’s putting you down, did you ever consider giving up— look at how Elon responds. I mean you can see the fire in his eyes. If you don’t have this burning fire, then forget about it, you’ll get nowhere, it doesn’t matter how much books you read, and how good you are with your handy dandy charting etc etc.
@goodforall @jmrojas17 @Lionmaster It’s nice to know about charting, business skills, and reading and all that— but if you don’t have the right mindset and passion/drive and sincere love for the game, you can forget about ever becoming successful here or in anything you do. It’s 90% mindset passion drive and 10% acquired knowledge. Look at my below screenshot. Do you wanna know how I reacted to losing $300k in the market and only having $50k left? I did the impossible and took $50k to $220k in under 10 days. yes you read that right. after taking that big of a hit I remembered something. I will never give up, the only time I’ll leave investing is if I hit $0 or die. I was determined, losing almost my entire portfolio didnt discourage me, it poured oil into my fire. (Hence why oil stocks are going up lol jk)